Naxos Town (Hora)

Naxos Town (Hora) Naxos Town (or Hora) is the capital and main port of Naxos Island. It is a lively town with 8,000 inhabitants. It has tiny roads, alleys, archways and old houses, in and around the old Venetian Castle.

The Old Town is divided into two neighbourhoods. Brougos where the Greeks lived and the fortified Venetian Castle (or Kastro in Greek) was built under the rule of Marco Sanoudos on the top of a natural hill where the Acropolis of ancient era was. Only two of the seven original seven towers (those of Sanoudo and Glezos families) remain, although the North Gate survives and it is an excellent example of medieval fort entrance. The Venetian Catholic descendants still live in the old mansions, which encircle the site. On a square is the Catholic Cathedral (13th century) dedicated to the Virgin.

North of the port, a pathway stretches out to the islet of Palatia and the unfinished Temple of Apollo (6th century BC). Portara (third picture on the right and also view from your balcony) is the huge entrance (6 metres height, 3.5 metres width) to the temple that Naxos tyrant Lygdamis began building on Palatia Islet.

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Distance from

  • Shops: 5m
  • Restaurants: 5m
  • Bars/Clubs/Cafes: 5m
  • Transport: 10m
  • Beach: 300m
  • Port: 300m

    Some of the important places to visit in Naxos Town are:

    The archeological museum
    All findings from excavations are kept in the archaeological museum, proof of the uninterrupted cultural presence in Naxos from pre-historic times until the end of the ancient times. The museum is housed in the building of the former Commercial School in the area of the Castle.

    Grotta's archaeological site
    Excavations made under Metropolis Square have revealed some remains of the Mycenaean city of Naxos (1600 - 1100 BC). The place has been landscaped and it is open to the public.

    Portara, Naxos Town "Portara": Naxos' trademark
    Portara can be seen from afar as ships approach the island of Naxos, standing on the northern side of the port. This monument is a gigantic gate, which remains from a temple that was dedicated to Apollo. It was built during the 6th century BC, when Naxos used to be a commercial and cultural centre.

    The Venetian Castle
    An impressive monument which was built during the long Venetian rule (1204-1537); it is located on a hill which is the natural acropolis of Hora. A medieval town in the heart of the Aegean still in its original form, inhabited continuously since 1207. The external walls of the peripheral houses shape the wall of the Castle, which has only three entrance gates.

    Naxos Island has over 40 villages to visit and most of them have their own distinct character and style. Most of the villages in Naxos Island are in the middle and the north of the island. There are many routes to choose from, and for the adventure lovers there are more than 20 walking tours to discover olive groves, forests, caves, ravines.

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